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Maternity in Slovenia: Not a Privilege, a Right

by Manca Juvan

In Slovenia, recent mothers receive 105 days of paid maternity leave at the salary they were received before giving birth, similar to the four-month benefits offered by more prosperous countries like France and Norway. The United States, on the other hand, trails behind both Pakistan and Mexico’s maternity leave laws, offering only 12 weeks of unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.


Hannah, 33, masseuse and tango teacher. Single mother.

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Manca , 29, dancer. Daughter Nora, 9 months.

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Mojca and Eva

Sisters Mojca, 37, economist, and Eva, 31, pharmacist, with their children Tita, 5 months old (Mojca); and Nace, 6 months old (Eva)

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Robert and Petra

Robert, 39, and Petra, 27 daughter Anka was born in the Maternity Hospital, Ljubljana

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Tatjana, 34, journalist, Jernej, 10 months

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Lora and Miha

Lora, 39, freelance journalist, father Miha, 50, freelance photographer parent to be of Arlo.

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Maja and Igor

Igor, 34, IT and Maja, 33, clinical pharmacist Parents of 2 month old Laura.

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Tina, 35, works in marketing. Mother of 9 month old Nika

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Zulejka, 26, unemployed sociologist of culture Mother to be .

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