Tatjana, 34, journalist,
Jernej, 10 months.
"I had a bit of a crisis after my child’s birth because life changed so dramatically. I am a very socially engaged person, but after having your child, all your focus is on your baby. Luckily we go out for walks, we meet people for coffee. I am looking forward to returning to work, but I will start gradually, working three days a week."
"To be a mother in Slovenia is nice. It's better than being a mother somewhere else, at least for now."
"When you become a parent your priorities change. I decided to go swimming with Jernej because I fear water. I don't want to transfer this fear subconsciously to my son. "
"When you give birth you feel this instinctive love towards the child, you love him because you were carrying him for 9 months. But the real connection is built later on."
"There was no place in the kindergarten for my son, there's too many children in our city. That's why, for now, he'll stay with his grandmother.""