Young boys and girls, from 5 to 16, have been bubbling with activity in the school room. These children are daring; they have not learned what fear is and are not afraid of asking questions. They draw, paint, and sing here. It is a celebration of life every morning. Pathshala is a school designed to provide under-privileged children with quality education, fighting the trend of poor children receiving inadequate educations.

Amader Pathshala was founded in 2008 as a community trust to take initiatives in the fields of education, research and social action. The school supports 170 students distributed from classes 1-7, and gives them quality primary education and vocational training. Through a well-balanced academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities, the school committee educates students to be creative and conscious citizens. Amader Pathshala strives to overcome the psychological barriers and inferiority complexes inherited from their social background.

All photographs were made between in March and April of 2012.